About Us

For over the last three decades and counting the big western has been regarded as the city’s no.1 reggae house. . Everyone remembers the carnival days and afterparties reggae legends such as Greogory Issacs performing there. 


Yet that only highlights a piece of the story. The big western also has a very professional co-ordinating team that has numerous people who have held all types of events and functions over the past three decades.

Whether your celebration is formal or casual, we offer a vast range of services for any type of event, which may include:

Or you can find us at:

87 Great Western St, Manchester, M16 7PA




  • Private parties/receptions

  • Weddings & Anniversaries

  • School, College and University balls

  • Corporate events or functions

  • Media events

  • Fashion shows

  • Film premieres

  • Aftershow parties

  • Gala dinner and dances

  • Charity events

  • LadiesOnlyevents(with female djs)

  • Fun Days

  • Dances

  • Special Events

Contact us on:

0161 226 2266

07946 622 383

0770 350 4316